About Us

What Does Sozo Mean?

Sozo is a small word with huge implications! It is a Greek word that translates as “Saves” or “To Save”. In it’s fullest form it means to Heal, Restore, Preserve, and Make Whole. Our mission at Sozo Healing House is for you to be made whole…mind, body, and soul.

Here at Sozo Healing House we have created a “home” that you can utilize as a resource center for many different natural healing modalities. Our Healing Partners are all in alignment with our vision of bringing you the knowledge and the guidance you are looking for on your path to complete wellness.

Workshops & Events

Simply Magical Manifestation Workshop with Olivia Veloso -Friday, August 23rd 6pm-9pm

Pre-registration required $50/person – Contact Olivia to register at ochiong@hotmail.com or call 480-471-5891

Olivia also guides and inspires others through her intuitive readings and private life coaching. Her workshops: “Understanding Manifestations” & “Living the life you desire” & now, “Simply Magical” has touched many and is described by her students as an ‘eye opener.’ She teaches from experience and shares how we can all manifest the life that we deserve. To reawaken your inner senses and understand how life works is the purpose of this workshop. 

No matter how simple the Universe wants to make it for us, we tend to complicate matters for ourselves. Manifestation is a natural order to our day, it isn’t something we have to achieve. Olivia’s workshop is a reminder of who we are and what we came to do. It is about life and how we, together with the Universe, give meaning to our lives. 
Olivia has been gathering information about the law of attraction for years and would like to share MORE information with you. To see you live your life as she does – simply magical – is her greatest wish. 

Heal Thy-Self With Electric Plant Based Foods – Madinah Simpson – August 24th 11am-12pm

Pre-registration required: $20/person (email Shaunte@sozohh.com to register)

Come learn how to prepare and incorporate plant-based foods that heal and repair the body as well as learn how the codes in food can bring vitality to your life!  

About the instructor:

Madinah Simpson MSN, RN

My passion is to serve, teach and bring awareness to the incredible powers of partnering with nature to self-heal. Journey with me as I guide you to reconnect back to nature through my teachings and modalities based in ecotherapy and alkaline & electric plant-based nutrition and lifestyles.

Discover the ease and gifts nature provides for regeneration and recovery of the body, self discovery, improved mental well being, and inner peace. Gift yourself with optimal plant-based foods that provide a symphony of balanced nutrition, vitality, effortless weight management, and an overall higher quality of life! Begin shifting your mindset, keeping commitments to yourself and shift your awareness about your health. YOU can recover, heal, and rebuild simply by partnering with nature. Allow nature to lead you in becoming the alchemist of your life. My intension is to support, educate, and guide you along this journey!

I am a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). I hold a BS Degree in Sociology and attended the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute Puerto Rico where I studied and received certificates in plant-based living foods and healthy lifestyles. My clinical and professional nursing career includes several years working in Labor & Delivery, Medicare, Corporate Health Care Leadership, Managing & Directing Population Health Management, and Health Coaching.

Deepening your relationship with nature, deepens your relationship with yourself, ultimately ensuring greater health, well-being, and transformation within your life!

Back To School Essential Oils Class: August 26th 6:30-8pm

$10/person payable at the door in cash or paypal

Outfit your home, your food and your kiddos with the power of the Thieves essential oil blend this school year! Come learn about some of the harsh ingredients in our Back-to-School necessities and then MAKE some clean alternatives and TAKE them with you! Be armed, naturally, this school season! 

We will be making an all-purpose cleaner for all your wipe down and cleaning needs, a veggie wash for the kiddo’s lunch’s that is stronger than just vinegar, as well as, an immune roller for the kiddos. That’s right, the kiddos need extra immune support and this is just the thing to make that happen! 

But, guess what? This isn’t just for people with kiddos! Everyone can benefit from the thieves essential oil blend! So, weather you are arming your kids or just arming yourself, come join us. 

Your Life in Poems 4-Week Writing Circle : Bird Mejia

September 4, 11, 18 & 25 7:00pm-8:15pm

Early Bird Pricing $100 if registered by August 15, $120 after August 15 email bird@birdmejia.com to register

Don’t leave your story untold! Enjoy the Joyful, Healing, Life-affirming Art of Poetry so that you Can Empower Yourself and Others!  Bird Mejia is an Expert at teaching ANYONE how to write their life and family stories through poetry. It doesn’t matter if you have never written a poem before; bird can teach you how in a simple, fun way. In this writing circle, Bird will guide you in writing your stories. This will be a safe, nurturing environment. Beginners embraced!

6-Week Warrior Meditation Course – Joey Bellus

August 29th, September 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, October 3rd 6:30pm-8:30pm

To register go to https://optimalaz.com/product/6-week-meditation-course/ or email joey@optimalaz.com

Thank you for your interest in my 6-week meditation course. This course is set up with the intention that upon completion you will have your own “personal meditation” practice that works for YOU.  Through the course, we will be covering things we have gone over in class with more depth and new practices that take more time to learn and how to implement them into daily living.  Meditation is about getting to know yourself, listening to yourself, and trusting yourself, which is why I consider my course very unique, I blend meditation with personal development because meditation is giving you the space to THINK about many different areas of your life, things that you might want to work on, change, improve, remove, create clarity to difficult questions you might be wondering about and I am here to provide the tools for you to use to help you begin to unlock yourself in powerful and useful ways.

If you have stress, anxiety, worry, self-doubt, lack self-love, lack of confidence, feel confused or lost, meditation gives you time to think about these things but developing yourself will give you the courage to uncover the answers to why these things are occurring and how you can begin to take action to eliminate the things that are causing you these thought patterns that ultimately lead to how you live your life.  you can also use meditation to DEEPEN your appreciation for all the great things that you DO have to offer this world and the great things that you DO have in your life, it doesn’t have to always be sorting through “problems” this course is designed for us to look at both sides of the coin so you begin to find more harmony throughout your life and learning how to become a more whole and complete person inside and out.    All of the practices and things we will work on through this meditation course can be applied to ANY area of your life.

Course includes:

Two 30 min coaching sessions.
One before the start of the course to set the intentions and 1 follow up session after the course has been completed

1 custom journal that you will use for the course

1  meditation kit

T-shirt/ tank top (if you prefer)

Cost of the course is $350

(Payments can be broken into 2 payments at checkout or email Joey for other payment options) joey@optimalaz.com

Healing Retreat – Bird Mejia

Saturday, September 21st 9am – 4pm

Cost: $145 (Early-Bird $125 if paid by 9/7)

Register with Bird at bird@birdmejia.com

Healing yourself transforms your life in magical ways and stops the pain that keeps on repeating in your life. Join Bird Mejia for a weekend of beautiful healing. The day will include Morning Meditation, lesson on the Power and Importance of Breath and Sound Meditation, workshop on Reconnecting to Your Powerful Self, Plant-Based Lunch (gluten free and delicious, because Bird is a foodie – and will include Bird’s famous vegan Queso dip and a yummy dessert), Sound Healing/Chakra Healing, workshop on Following Your Bliss – Your Unique Hero’s Journey, Heart Healing (so you can call forth more true love into your life) and sage blessing. Options available after the workshop and on Sunday for continued healing.

Saturday evening and Sunday optional personal 1-on-1 add-ons:

For continued healing over the weekend: Choose 1 or 2 60-minute sessions with Bird. You can choose Reiki (to help you raise your vibration), Harmonyum Healing (to help heal your body of pain), or Intuitive Coaching (individualized for your needs) Oracle Card Reading (on romance, life purpose or general question). Time options include 5-8pm on 9/21 and 9am-7pm on 9/22. Special session pricing is $70 per session ($41 off Bird’s usual pricing). Sessions will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.

Angela (Dharma) Fears

Angela (Dharma) Fears, E-RYT is a Yoga Educator with an Ayurvedic Wellness certification. Her yoga classes and workshops share from the Healing traditions from around the world.

Angela is a Pranic Healer & Massage Therapist with 15 years of  community health projects. She has provided  support to underserved and refugee communities in Phoenix with Yoga, meditation and therapeutic massage. Angela also leads Wellness, Tai Chi and meditation at clinics in the East Valley.

Offerings at the Healing House will include Yoga Classes focusing on the Basics of Yoga. This class is for everybody to learn and develop the basics of Breath Based Yoga. Her Holistic Living Class will provide the ‘how-to add’ and best known methods to living key wellness principles. 

Are you interested in the Chakras, Yoga History and Applying Ayurveda?  Meet with Angela to sign up for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2019. Our time together will include creating  the Healing House Yoga and Wellness community ceremony and circle in Sedona Arizona. 

 Monthly Wellness Coaching Available – Be Guided with a detailed plan for You.

 Contact Angela to schedule your free consult.

Angela@angelstarhealth.com 480-229-0303

Claudia Rubio

Claudia Rubio

Independent Healing Partner

Claudia Rubio, Founder of Biomagnetic Pair Therapist at NonInvasiveHealing.com and
health practitioner at Sozo Healing House says, “Life is a beautiful path that can
surprise us in many ways when we heal its challenges.” She continues, “We all came
with just one purpose, at that is, to master lessons.’

Claudia is a recognized and award-winning Colombian actor who has discovered a
pathway to healing others through a specialized, non-invasive, assisting clients with
health challenges related to Thyroid Disorders, Irregular Menstrual cycles, Season
Allergies, Depression, Hormone Imbalance, Gastritis, Digestive Problems, Herpes,
Back Pain, Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Cough, Tumors, Fertility and more.

It’s been a long journey since Claudia first came to USA and all of her life challenges
have lead her to a spiritual ‘wake-up.’ She started her path with meditation six years
ago and it totally changed her perspective of life, culminating with a well-defined
path in the Healing Arts!

Recently certified as Bio-Magnetic Pair Therapist, Claudia is currently working on
her Bio-Energy Certification and will be a featured Biomagnetic Pair Therapist at
Sozo Healing House, opening in Tempe, Arizona in July. Sozo Healing House’s
mission is to provide the tools needed to heal the wholeness, mind, body and soul.

Claudia started her holistic healing venture with one thing in mind: to assist in
healing her brother who was suffering from a very rare brain tumor that was
significantly growing every year, creating pressure and causing him to lose various
physical movements over time.

Claudia began researching alternative healing modalities and found biomagnetism
to be an amazing one. She even tested it on herself. While she was doing her research she became ill with a very bad kidney infection. After only three biomagnetism sessions, her infection disappeared!

Claudia continued to hone her skills, discovering how to place the body’s pH level to
neutral. In doing so with the use of a magnetic fields, the body has the ability to perfectly heal itself!

Her main purpose on this path was restoring her brother’s health, but as she continued her study and working with her clients, she began witnessing many healing from their health challenges.

For more information on Claudia’ services, please contact her at
Claudia@NonInvasiveHealing.com, 602.488.9792


Shaunte Fox

Shaunte is an Arizona native growing up in Tucson and has now resided in Phoenix since 2003. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, she decided she wanted to get her cosmetology license and own a salon some day. That’s exactly what she did! In 2007 she opened Belle Melange Salon, creating an environment where any nationality and any hair texture could get their hair perfected by one of their professionals in a relaxing environment. That was her baby for six years until her two children having a present mom became more important. Being the mother of two beautiful daughters is her first and most important job, however, now they’re at the age where they don’t care if she’s home or not!
Shaunte began her holistic healing journey in 2017 after a minor health scare that she knew deep down could be remedied on it’s own if she took control of her nutrition and started detoxing her body from all the chemicals she had subjected it to over the years. She became passionate about sharing her new found knowledge with everyone who’d listen, and that’s when her “Healing House” came to be. Shaunte’s always had the entrepreneur spirit and knew the only way to make her vision come to fruition was to open a new business!
On her journey into natural healing Shaunte has received her Level 3 Reiki certification in accordance with the teachings of Gandai Reiki Ho. She has also earned a certification in Holistic Nutrition through American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFAP).

Independent Healing Partner – Stylist and Reiki Practitioner

Salon Services

I’ve made the decision to cut out harsh chemicals from my services and only use non-toxic Haircare Products and Color that do not contain ammonia, formaldehyde, PEGs, strong synthetic fragrance, or high PPDs. 

My services, pricing, availability and reviews can all be seen on my StyleSeat page. Services are available by appointment only and can be booked at www.styleseat.com/shauntefox

Reiki Sessions

A Gendai Reiki Ho session uses universal life force energy to raise your vibration and revitalize life energy. This can assist with healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. It can also balance the chakra centers, strengthen the nervous system, help heal trauma, remove blockages, and provide a deep sense of relaxation and balance. Sessions are fully clothed while you lay comfortably on a massage table. Each Reiki Practitioner may be different in their technique. I like to play soothing music and may use essential oils for aromatherapy if desired. My hands may either be placed directly on you or just above you depending on what I’m feeling called to do. You may feel a sensation of heat being transferred from my hands. You will be given 10 minutes to “wake up” and address any feelings or questions that may arise from the treatment.

60-minute Session: $77 (The number 77 is about positivity and empowerment, it’s time to release any burden that’s bringing you down!)

Hair & Reiki Combo: Book any hair service and Reiki session on the same day and only pay $55 for 60-minutes! ( Of course the number 55 is a spiritual number meaning life changes are coming! )

Refer a friend and you’ll both get 50% off a 60-minute session!

To schedule please text 480-753-4448 or book online at www.styleseat.com/shauntefox

Holistic Nutrition

Keep an eye out for future nutrition classes and cooking demos!

Holistic Nutrition looks at each person as a biochemically unique individual with different needs and goals. It focuses on the whole person; physical, mental, emotional and environmental. Holistic nutrition is about eating healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and wellness. Hallmarks of holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole food. It’s an approach to eating that very consciously considers everything that’s eaten and focuses on eating for health above all else.

Social Media:

Instagram www.instagram.com/beautify_insideout

Facebook www.facebook.com/bellemelangesalon